To provide a sacred safe environment for the staff to appreciate their growth, develop new skills and re-covenant themselves to each other and parish.


Facilitators will create a customized agenda from the staff members’ responses to the following questions:

Potential: What could you be as a staff if there were nothing blocking you from reaching your potential?

Blocks: What keeps your staff from reaching your potential or gets in the way?

Plan: What are some practical beginning steps that could lead your staff toward your deeper potential? What skills are needed?

Staff Purpose

Who are we called to be?

  • Servant Leaders
    Reflecting as individuals on God’s presence, your talents and call to share inner wisdom on staff with integrity and confidence.
  • Covenanted Staffs
    Reflecting as a staff on your spiritual commitment to each other through faith sharing and prayer.
  • Responsible Ministers
    Negotiating staff tasks and job descriptions to enhance collaboration and reduce stressful workloads.
  • Collaborative Planners
    Creating a staff mission statement, goals and action plans that flow from the parish plans.

Staff Partnership

How will we work together?

  • Cultivating Shared Wisdom
    Providing a safe environment where individual feelings, needs, creativity and concerns are expressed through appropriate interactive skills.
  • Enhancing People Skills
    Learning to increase trust through improved communication skills.
  • Providing Efficient Staff Meetings
    Establishing guidelines for effective staff meetings.

Staff Processes

How will we get the job done?

  • Coordinating Volunteers
    Learning Facilitation skills and effective methods for recruiting, training, supporting and evaluating volunteers.
  • Managing Conflicts
    Experiencing conversion from habitual reactive behavior patterns to skillful responses.
  • Making Decisions
    Releasing shared wisdom through simple reflective guidelines to discern appropriate decisions or solve staff/parish problems.
  • Guiding Transition/Change
    Transforming times of staff transition and large parish changes into opportunities for growth.