Preparing Ahead of Time for the Weekend Liturgy Scripture Readings

Ways In Which Pope Francis Is Changing the Catholic Church

Pastoring Four Parishes – How Does He Do It?

Areas of Change Needed by Hierarchy

A New Way To Be Parish

One Day Retreat Experience for Staffs and Councils

Response to the Abuse Issue

How A Parish Can Help People Pray

An Honest Apology For Making A Mistake – Pope Francis

Divine Renovation – Becoming Missionary Disciples

Confession: Parish-Person-Priests

Reducing the Parish Bulletin to One Page-Two Sides

A New Parish Identity Following Pope Francis

A Spirituality for the Elderly

Alpha – A Model For Adult Faith Enrichment

A Parish Response to Hurricane Henry

A Welcome Home Message

Being An EASTeR People

Creating a Vision: Seeing the Invisible

Looking At the Parish From The Outside In

Creating a Parish eLetter

Parent As The Primary Educaors

Unconscious Racial Bias

Not a Statement but a Mission

Ideas For Your Parish

Believing in the Church

Variety of Services

Finding The Church Wanting

The Exhortation of Pope Francis

We Are All Wonderfully Made

Responding to Disabilities – Year of Mercy

Students for Others

The story of one person’s journey away from and toward the Church.


Following the Pope’s lead

What Every Good Parish Needs

Challenges Facing a Bi-cultural Parish

A Personal Experience

A Parish Response To Pope Frances’ Encyclical

Celebrating Diversity In A London Parish

Who’s A Member?

Finding A Friend

Praying Is a Start

A Creative Response

Multicultural Parishes

An Annual Ritual

Signs of a Dynamic Christian

The Importance of Good Preaching

Almost Christian

A Culture of Hospitality

Parish Exit Interviews

Finding New Volunteers

Planting Seeds Of Conversion

Taking Leave Of Loved Ones

A Working Model For Youth Ministry

A Task For the Pastoral Council

Pitfalls For Staff

A Change of Pastors

It’s All About Finding The Right People

Mantras for the Leadership

How A Parish Began Having Fun Together

Parish School – Getting the Parents Involved

Pastor of a Modern Parish – Some Do’s and Don’ts

Pastor’s Letter Regarding Liturgy

If You Build A Committee, They Will Come

The Parish Finance Council