August 15, 2016

Feast of the Assumption

Dear Newsletter Recipient,

A heads up for the coming year – 2017.  We have openings for working with parishes, religious groups, dioceses, or organizations of any size or background.

Options include:

  • The full Parish Assessment and Renewal (PAR) process that includes a preliminary information-gathering phase regarding parishioners’ desires and expectations, followed by a two-week visit by our team to improve communication, develop staff support, clarify structures, establish goals and set up actions for the implementation of goals, and then concluding with a follow-up weekend six months after the two-week visit in order to hold groups accountable and do whatever fine-tuning and adjustments might be necessary.
  • Workshops for staff, pastoral councils or other areas of parish ministry to help clarify individual roles and responsibilities, improve communication, do team building, modify statements of mission or core values, learn effective leadership skills and ways for making decisions.
  • Conferences and gatherings for priests’ groups, religious congregations’ leadership teams, diocesan departments and offices, non-profit organizations and communities, to help them deal with issues and challenges that may be hampering the full use of their potential and resources.

This is a sampling of what we offer groups, always adapting the content and processes to fit the particular needs of each parish, diocese, community or organization.   If you know of any one who might be interested in what we provide, click on the “Reply” button for this email and send us the names and relevant  information so that we can make contact.  Thank you.

Maria Gabriela Garcia, Deb Elkins, Tom Sweetser, SJ